Each new year forces the world to change. We have no choice but to adapt to it, making the necessary adjustments in our lives. These adjustments include mindfulness in pet care practice. New trends have emerged for pet owners to ensure their animals are happy.

Going Green

Well-meaning pet owners might not realize that many things their pets consume are harmful to the planet. There is a risk to be found with many pet products, from sealed cans of food to the toys they play with.

Some trusted pet brands are coming up with “green” products. Choose to be mindful about what you give your pet. Ask yourself how you can exchange their toys for environmentally-friendly alternatives. Do some research and learn how you can make a difference. You’ll find that going green isn’t so difficult.

Separation Anxiety

Our pets become aware of any tension we feel due to the pandemic. They notice we no longer take them to certain places on walks. They wonder why we wear face masks when we come into the house. Perhaps worst of all for our pets is when a loved one is quarantined, causing separation anxiety.

Many pet owners choose to help their dogs and cats who are suffering from the absence of loved ones. These thoughtful owners are taking their pets to therapists for advice on settling their nerves.

Precautions must be taken to ensure we’re all healthy, even our pets.

Pet Tech

The market for electronic pet products has grown and can solve many problems we face with our pets. We will soon invest in gadgets to keep our dogs or cats entertained and safe.

Dog-activated video calls will enable your pet to contact you when feeling lonely. Smart collars will make it easier to find your furry friend if he should wander away. That will put an end to a great worry many pet owners face.

2022 will be a year of adjustment. It will change how we look after the world and the people we love. This will include our pets as we make choices that cater to their health and happiness.