The preservation of Nature is essential to the continuum of life on Earth as it provides the delicate balance between human beings and animals, plants, and living organisms. Strongly believing in this ecological balance as essential to all living beings, national and international organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society, the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and the United Nations have striven to support conservation efforts on many fronts. As they work with governments, these organizations assist in drafting legislation, such as the United States’ 1973 Endangered Species Act (ESA). This act was designed to protect lands belonging to the public and promote preservations of habitat areas such as refuges for the wildlife and national parks so that Nature’s harmony and balance are maintained.

Protection for Animals and Lands Establishment

Wildlife can also be threatened by invasive species from other parts of the world, pollution, fishing, hunting, and climate changes. International and national organizations such as Conservation International, the World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the United Nations work with nations to establish animal and habitat conservation throughout the world. They strive to develop and safeguard public lands such as wildlife refuges and national parks.

These organizations also cooperate with law enforcement agencies in prosecuting wildlife crimes, such as the illegal hunting and trafficking of protected wildlife. In their efforts to support the increasing human population while simultaneously preserving existing species and their habitats, these organizations work to reduce pollution and counter invasive species that are not indigenous to areas to help end illegal hunting, fishing, and poaching.

Legislation to Support Wildlife Preservation

In the effort to protect various species threatened with extinction, conservationist organizations assist in composing legislation that protects public lands. One example of this legislation is the 1973 Endangered Species Act (ESA). Working to protect and preserve the species and habitats in existence, these organizations cooperate with authorities in the prosecution of crimes such as wildlife trafficking and illegal hunting. They encourage biodiversity, everything necessary to support the increasing human population.

Cooperating Individual Efforts to Preserve Wildlife

The efforts of conservation biologists such as Titus Adhola and Camille Coudrat have been successful in slowing the extinction of global species. Also, environmental photographers and filmmakers such as Thomas P. Peschak are equally essential, as they document and draw attention to the endangerment of wildlife throughout the world.