In the wild, the Panthera genus (the feline family), comprises five species: leopards, jaguars, snow leopards, tigers, and lions. Despite being part of these five species, tigers and lions differ from each other.

Physical Differences Between Tigers and Lions

Tigers are the biggest felines worldwide. Their body can stretch up to 12.5 feet, weighing close to 650 pounds. Lions grow between 6.5 and 11 feet and weigh up to 550 pounds.

Native Habitat of Tigers and Lions

Native to Asia, tigers have roamed Siberia to southern Asia, India, and Sumatra. They once populated the earth with 100,000 individuals. Because of poachers, the tiger population dropped to 3,800, making their species in danger of extinction.

Unlike tigers, lions live in packs. They are native to the African savanna, where they roam Senegal, Sahara, and South Africa. Like tigers, lions are also vulnerable to extinction because poachers continue to reduce their population.

Hunting Similarities Between Tigers and Lions

Tigers and lions are accomplished hunters and live on meat. They both use their speed and agility to catch prey. However, male tigers are nocturnal hunters with speeds of 55 miles an hour. Their diet includes buffalo, wild boar, fish, apes, deer, and reptiles. In order to stay full, female and male tigers average about 11 to 15 pounds of food a day.

Lions, on the other hand, leave the hunting to the females. At speeds of roughly 50 miles per hour, female lions team up in groups to catch zebras, antelopes, gazelles, and more. While the males tend to the household, they eat, look after their young, and guard from predators.

Intriguing Characteristics About Tigers

Tigers carry their unique stripe pattern on their skin and coat. Each mark represents its own characteristic and individuality. They also love the water and make rivers and wet areas their home.

Intriguing Characteristics about Lions

The most recognizable feature of lions is their stunning mane. It fills their head, face, and runs to their lower body portraying a majestic stoic look. These fierce creatures are also one of the laziest. They spend about 13 hours sleeping during the day.