Although everyone can recognize the Bengal tiger with its orange fur and black stripes, there are many different breeds of tigers. Each breed has its own colorful markings to help distinguish itself. In particular, the Siberian tiger can be admired for its size, coloring, and natural protective features.

The Size of Siberian Tigers

This is the largest breed of tiger in existence, reaching up to 13 feet in length or four meters. This length includes the tail, which is about one meter long. The Siberian tiger also weighs about 650 pounds on average. The large size of this tiger makes it stand out among other breeds, which are only two-thirds this size.

The Unique Markings

This breed of the tiger has a fur coloring that ranges from a light yellowish tone to a rich auburn color. Siberian tigers in northern regions tend to have lighter hues, while southern tigers have darker fur. The stripes on this breed of the tiger can also vary in color, ranging from a very light brown hue to black stripes. The tiger’s vertical stripes help it hide in the tall grass as it hunts its prey. The underbelly of the tiger is white or cream-colored regardless of how dark the rest of the animal’s fur is colored.

The Protective Second Layer of Fur

Upon closer examination of the Siberian tiger, researchers have identified a secondary layer of fur. This fur is intended solely to serve as a protective layer, which is why it’s thicker than the exterior layer of fur. In colder climates, both layers grow thicker to protect against harsher weather. This is especially useful in keeping the tiger warm as it sleeps on the cold ground. In hotter climates, the outer layer of fur grows thin but remains thick around the face of the tiger. Males have especially thick facial fur, which researchers believe demonstrates the tiger’s virility and strength to their opponents.

Many breeds of tigers are in danger of becoming extinct due to a variety of factors. If you’re interested in helping wildlife, consider contributing to one of the many organizations that seek to protect tigers. You can help through your donations or through volunteerism. Anything you can do will be helpful in protecting these majestic creatures.