Endangered species are at risk of extinction and often see their homelands being invaded by industrialism or tourists. Lucky for a select few, there exists a safe oasis located in Rockwell, North Carolina, called Tiger World.

What is Tiger World?

Founded in 2007, Tiger World is a nonprofit animal organization and educational center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and preservation of exotic animals. It is open to the public for tours, and while it enjoys giving people an up-close view of the animals it has rescued, its bigger mission lies in helping the animals.

Contrary to popularized zoos, Tiger World is interested in helping all threatened and endangered species. By being open to the public, its main hope is to educate individuals on these species and show them what a natural environment should look like for these animals. Tiger World recognizes that its facility is still a place of captivity for these animals, but as it attempts to rehabilitate them, it provides them with the best possible environment that it can. After opening to the public in 2008, Tiger World has now expanded to over 54 species, including 14 endangered animals.

What Does Tiger World Strive to Do?

Tiger World has a few different initiatives it hopes to achieve through its existence. Firstly, the organization strives to provide a stimulating learning environment for all generations, especially for children. Being an educated individual is a huge part of being able to make a difference in the world. Therefore, rather than simply displaying animals, Tiger World makes it a priority to educate individuals on how these animals became endangered, how they live and play and how people can make a difference. This passion is what fuels Tiger World’s other pursuit: conservation and preservation. 

In 1978, tigers became added to the Endangered Species List. Since then, their population has continued to drop in staggering numbers. Tiger World recognizes its mission to educate the public on the endangered and threatened species of the world. It is important that the human race recognizes its crucial role in the demise of the animal populations, as well as the role it could play in conserving them through conscious decision-making and consumer patterns.

Tiger World’s third main effort is to offer protection and safety for these species. Not every wildlife preservation in the world lives up to its name, and Tiger World stands out as a notable organization in the industry due to its intentional and ethical efforts. Tiger World provides a safe environment in which it is proactive in bringing these species back out of extinction.