Tiger World

A wildlife conservation and education center

Welcome to Tiger World

Welcome to the blog site for Tiger World, a nonprofit educational and animal conservation center based in Rockwell, North Carolina.

Open to the public, Tiger World is a different kind of zoo; the team focuses on the preservation, rescue, and rehabilitation of exotic animals by providing the best environment for them in captivity. Visitors can witness the majesty of these amazing creatures on educational guided tours as well as self-guided walkabout tours throughout the center. Tiger World is a wonderful place to bring your friends and family to surround yourself with beautiful animals and learn more about the exotic creatures in an intimate setting. 

By taking an educational tour, visitors can learn more about the animals at the center from personal guides who provide guests with a personal hands-on experience. While at Tiger World, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Big Cats. Guests can have an up-close and personal experience with the felines in a natural setting while observing them eating, sleeping, running, playing, swimming, and engaging with their handlers. More than just big cats, Tiger World is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of all endangered and threatened species, housing animals from Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America. These include the Liger, Ring-tailed Lemur, White Bengal Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Linneus Two-toed Sloth, Red-necked Wallaby, and numerous bird species as well, like the Australian Black Swan, Moluccan Cockatoo, Blue and Gold Macaw, and Indian Blue Peacock, among many others. 

Tiger World is also home to Michael, a white lion, aka Panthera leo krugeri. The stuff of legends, White Lions have been a staple of folklore and myth for centuries until the first documented viewing in 1975. They are only found in one area – the Timbavati region of Kruger National Park in South Africa – and are not, in fact, albinos but rather have leucism, a recessive genetic condition that makes the fur and mane turn white but does not affect the eyes or paw pads. You can see Michael in person by planning a trip to Tiger World. The center is accessible for all visitors and was recently listed in ACCESS North Carolina, a travel and vacation guide for people with disabilities. 

Additionally, Tiger World is one of only a handful of accredited zoos operating with no tax support in the entire nation. The licensed center is a USDA Approved Facility as well as a registered nonprofit organization, depending on membership dues, donations, and admissions fees for providing funding and care for the animals. The support from visitors is critical to the future of Tiger World, and they welcome all monetary, material, food, and service donations to help in the preservation, conservation, and education efforts of the center. 

Learn more about the importance and value of conservation and animal preservation and rescue by visiting the Tiger World blog page for the latest updates from the center!