Animal conservations continue to hold a vital role in today’s efforts to help protect endangered or injured animals. With animal conservation locations popping up around the country, it is beneficial to stay up-to-date on important news and trends within the sector. Below are some of the most popular and trustworthy publications on animal welfare and conservation locations. 

Animal Conservation
One of the most helpful publications available surrounding animal welfare is called Animal Conservation. The publication provides a collection of research-based articles that examine animal welfare, animal behavior, and more. Because it focuses on research-based articles, the resources available will focus on the scientific meaning behind animals and animal welfare. 

World Wildlife Magazine
Known as one of the largest animal conservation organizations in the world, it is likely not surprising that World Wildlife Magazine is considered a top publication. Visitors can learn more about their work within animal welfare, how to get involved in helping their work, important information about today’s animal welfare efforts, and more. Additionally, the organization provides a helpful breakdown of the different types of animals and their environment. While it is a great resource for animal welfare, it is also an excellent resource for learning about wild animals. 

The Wildlife Society
Known as an award-winning publication surrounding animal welfare and wildlife, The Wildlife Society is another great option. In addition to providing important information about wildlife, the publication also focuses on increasing awareness, explaining new science, and working to help policies surrounding wildlife. The publication comes with a quarterly newsletter and provides crucial updates on animal welfare. 

National Wildlife Magazine
If you are looking for a general place for the latest information about animals and wildlife, National Wildlife Magazine is an excellent place to go. The magazine provides a wealth of knowledge about various wildlife and can be a great source of information. It also provides information on how to get involved, as well as how to become more informed about the needs of wildlife.