Tigers are known as one of the most beautiful and powerful animals in today’s wildlife. With their authoritative build and pristine hunting skills, tigers can be both dangerous and fascinating at the same time. Because of their natural hunting skills, tigers may sustain injuries while looking for food or defending themselves from predators. While most people will not come across an injured tiger, those who work with wildlife should understand the proper steps to take to help an injured tiger

Get Help From Other Professionals

If you come across an injured tiger, the first and most important thing to do is to call for help from other professionals. This will not only ensure that you can be safe but can do an analysis of the injury without risking your own safety. Having others to help look at the injuries and determine the best steps to take can ensure a smooth process. 

Determine How To Transport The Tiger

In some instances, a tiger will need to be transported to a sanctuary or specialized animal hospital for treatment. Due to a tiger’s natural hunting instincts, it will not be safe to transport the animal without giving it some sort of anesthesia. This can not only reduce the risk of injury to those helping, but it can also make the transportation process easier and more efficient. Before giving a tiger medication, ensure that a licensed veterinarian has confirmed that it will be safe to do so. 

Complete An Assessment Of The Injuries & Create A Plan

Once a tiger has been safely transported for treatment, the next step is to analyze the tiger’s current state. This includes looking for physical injuries and completing any other important exams or tests. Once there is a better understanding of the tiger’s injuries, it will be important to work with a veterinarian on a plan. This will include its treatment plan and living accommodations. Things to consider include how long treatment will take, if the injuries are severe enough to impact its ability to live in the wild and if it should be transferred to a conservation facility permanently.